Our TWO dogs were KILLED at Gibsons Pet Resort.

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 Is this how you imagined your fury family members were cared for while at:

                                GIBSON'S NATURAL PET RESORT?

                                        Is this how you imagined their employee's

                                   acted when you weren't around?

 Keep in mind our pets can't speak and tell us when things aren't right.

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The videos and photos on this site were obtained from employee's social media pages. All pages were public and links to the original videos have been provided below. 

                        TWO DOGS DIED




                   ON  JUNE 14, 2015




 This is an actual Gibson Ad

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ad from newspaper

                               We lost two

                   amazing, happy, healthy

                           dogs at one time.

                 These two dogs were also,

                     the BEST of BUDDIES

  as you can see by just a few photos above.


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