2 dogs killed by Siberian husky at Grafton kennel

GRAFTON - A Shrewsbury couple is struggling to come to terms with their two small dogs being mauled to death by a Siberian husky while the animals were in a local kennel.

Graham and Odin: Two dogs attacked and killed at Grafton Kennel

On Friday June 12, Brenda and Roger Demers dropped off their precious toy dogs, Graham and Odin, at Gibson’s Natural Pet Resort located in Grafton, MA. They  were boarding their “boys” to go on a dream trip to celebrate twenty five years of marriage. That  dream turned into a nightmare when they learned their dogs were attacked and killed by another dog during their stay at the pet resort.

Two dogs killed by Siberian husky at Grafton kennel

MASSACHUSETTS -- A Shrewsbury couple is struggling to come to terms with their two small dogs being mauled to death by a Siberian husky while the animals were in a local kennel.

Two small dogs killed by larger dog at Grafton boarding kennel

An Upton, Massachusetts couple is devastated after returning from their vacation on Sunday and discovering their two small dogs had been killed by another dog while being boarded at a Grafton kennel, reports the UptonDaily.


GRAFTON - A Shrewsbury couple is struggling to come to terms with their two small dogs being mauled to death by a Siberian husky while the animals were in a local kennel.

Husky blamed in deaths of Shrewsbury couple's dogs

After an emotional, nearly two-hour hearing Monday, Northbridge selectmen voted 5-0 to deem a Siberian husky blamed for killing two smaller dogs at a Grafton kennel as a nuisance dog.

Breaking News: Two small dogs killed at local kennel

On Sunday June 21, 2015 a local family returned from vacation to learn their “sprinkle size” pups were killed by another dog during their stay at Gibson’s Natural Pet Resort located in Grafton.

Owner of two dogs killed at Gibson’s Natural Pet Resort offered testimony for stricter regulations for kennels

Brenda Demers, formerly of Upton,  recently testified in support of  legislation filed to regulate boarding kennels and daycare facilities for dogs (H630). Brenda’s two tea size cup pups were mauled to death by a Siberian husky while boarding at Gibson’s Natural Pet Resort in Grafton, Ma in the spring of 2015.

2 dogs attacked by other dog, killed at Grafton kennel

GRAFTON, Mass. ( -- An Upton couple went on an amazing vacation, but returned to the news that their dogs had died.

Two dogs mauled to death at Grafton kennel

I’m trying to imagine what it would be like if I returned from a vacation, ran to the kennel to pick up my beloved beagle, and learned only then that she was torn apart by another dog.

2 dogs mauled, killed at Grafton kennel

Two small dogs were mauled and killed at Gibson’s Natural Pet Resort in Grafton when a Siberian Husky broke out of its kennel run and entered the paddock where the two animals were kept.

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The Demers dogs deaths were irrelevant

In Northbridge "Whether A Dog Kills Another Dog Is Irrelevant".  Dan Chauvin (Animal Control Officer) said  “The Demers dogs death is irrelevant.” 

When you think your kennel is great and find out it's horrifying

Do you kennel your pet?

If you do, look beyond what you perceive is the warm and cozy environment your pet is experiencing. It could be a facade, the experience could be horrifying.




An Act Relative to Wrongful Death or Injury to Animal Companions   SD319

An Act Protecting Dogs at Boarding Kennels and Day Care Faciities  S2461

                                         PETS ARE NOT PERSONAL PROPERTY


They live like little kings and queens. The best of bedding, toys, food, veterinary care. They own car seats, strollers, clothing, backpacks, life jackets, we carry them around in purses. Entire stores dedicated just to them, which they are more than welcome to shop in.

Most homes these days have one if not two pets. At some point that pet is going to visit eithr a groomer, veterinarian, kennel or daycare facility. Now is the time to make sure our laws are in line, not after a tragedy like this one.

-Households having dogs/cats have grown immensely in decades where the laws should evolve
-Households are more likely to have more than one pet
-Pets travel with families like family members
-You must register your pets, you do NOT register a personal property
-Courts give shared custody to divorced couples or award custody like children (by using the the "best interest  for the pet test")
-Animals have feelings, like love and pain and are living beings unlike "appliances/cars"
-We are very particular about the way we lay them to rest;pet cemetery, cremation (urns which we keep close to  us forever) 
-They are considered companions for many that either live alone, that have lost loved ones, cannot have  children or their children have grown and left home
-Many are used for purposes of "SERVICE" such as seeing eye dogs, hearing, therapy and comfort etc...
-Celebrate their birthdays and holidays, including giving them presents and cakes
-They are included in family portraits
-Carried in wallets and on cell phones
-Go on family outings to parks, swimming, kayaking, shopping etc....
-Many have even risked their own lives to save their pets, such as firefighters

*We can separate these laws into two sections deaths/non-deaths.

My purpose is to explain pets are family. They cannot be considered personal property. We need to progress with our times. Losing a pet can cause sadness, depression, devastation and yes even distress. When they are around they fulfill a need and give unconditional love, joy and happiness. These are purchases people make to enhance their families and lives. In essence some of these furry pets become an extension of children and some even take the place of children. People go to tremendous lengths to care for their companions. You cannot possibly get any of this from "personal property".

Gross negligence should not just be let go with a minimum, slap on the wrist fine. Punitive damages should be applied to deter such conduct from occurring in the future. Courts should be more flexible in recovery for damages for mental anguish suffered at the loss of a pet for negligent, reckless and malicious acts. Our family members are not replaceable at a local store. Timing, personality, training, health, coloring, breed, travel expenses and so much more goes into finding another pet. Not to mention the fact that you will not find anything that comes close to what you had. The memories alone are much shared like ones with a human. Animals cannot be valued at just market value. Owners affection and attachment is worth far greater than market value. Their value actually increases as the animal ages considering such things as attachment. Personal property is something that is sold on the street, in garage sales, flea markets, in big box stores. Not one which you could just quickly stop by on the way home and "pick up a pup and a gallon of milk". These are all things that cannot be compared to those of "personal property".

In conclusion, I would like to say, I have to two children, who are now grown. I love my two children, very much. But, over the years they have made me happy, cry, angry, sad, wanted their distance, embarrassed me and sadly disappointed on occaision. But, our two dogs have never done anything but bring us joy and love. They greeted us every time we walked into a room, smother us with kisses, always want to be either on your lap or right by your side. Follow me from room to room, always with a face that let's me know they are so happy I'm there. Never have they stormed out of a room, slammed a door, talked back, or given me anything but unconditional love. All something I couldn't get from an appliance or some humans. So why do we devalue them?

I would like to deeply explore our laws and help them evolve with this century. More households now a days are more likely to have dogs/cats than sheep and cows. Our laws need to protect our family pets as much as they do livestock. We should not be afraid of this, instead, think of what we can be preventing in the future. This will not only protect our beloved pets. But, it will also further stop the negligence from continuing. Knowing there is a consequence is the biggest deterrence. If we do not make changes to our laws, boarding facilities, doggie day cares, veterinarians and others will continue to operate under inferior conditions. Maintaining a disobedient behavior for our laws. Due to the way the laws are set up now, they can hide behind them and the statues actually protect them. Many animals have died at veterinarians, pet groomers and our story was at a so called (5) five star pet resort.

No one is exempt from loosing a beloved pet.The miscreant is protected by the "Pets are Personal Property" law. What law protects your pet?

Many states already adopted this law. Such as Tennessee, Arizona, California and Hawaii to name a few. There may be a way to work off their laws and adapt them to our state. The only way to protect our family companions and stop breaking hearts everywhere is to put strict laws in place. Hold people accountable for their actions. Let them know we're joining the other states to safeguard our animals.

Brenda Demers

      Below are Massachusetts Bills and news articles            about the laws changing regarding animal abuse.





Landmark Ruling: Animals Can Legally Be Considered Vctims, Just Like Humans

The ruling will ensure that any animal can be seen as a legal "victim" in a case, affording animals more basic rights to protect them from abuse.

Quebec Bill Changes Animals From "Property" To Sentient Beings And Includes Jail Time For Cruelty

Animals will be considered "sentient beings" instead of property in a bill tabled in the Canadian Province of Quebec. The legislation states that "animals are not things. They are sentient beings and have biological needs".