The Photos below were obtained from employee's social media pages, taken at Gibson's Natural Pet Resort in Grafton, MA. The purpose of displaying them below is to show the behavior of the employees you entrust your beloved animals with and to show that animals were left unattended. 

All pages were public and links to the original photos have been provided below.

CLICK on the photos to see what the employees wrote themselves!  

As their words are worse than some of the photos.

Gibsons Natural Pet
Professional? Just Being In The Cage Leaves Me Speechless.
Could This Possibly Be One Of The Worst Posts? Looks like A ROTTED CAGE Bracket. Hhhmmm....
Gibsons Natural Pet
There Are No Words.
Not even interested in HOW the dog got stuffed animals that aren't allowed in. More the torn wall behind the dog.
Gibsons Natural Pet
Effing Cats, nice language.
How Are You Able To Watch The Animals? Bob & Mel, Live On-Site.
Employee Sleeping
Large And Small Dogs Mixed Together.
How Did You Lose Her In The First Place? How Did She End Up In The Office Area?
Gibsons Natural Pet
Employees sleeping.
Gibsons Natural Pet
Employees Sleeping.
Looks Very Unhappy.
Gibsons Natural Pet
BIG joke!
She said it "she just doesn't care".
I Couldn't Have Said It Better Myself. Who Gets NAP TIME at WORK?
What The Cat Doesn't Get Fed? What Is Going On Behind The Cat? The Bottom of The Wall Is In Bad Shape.
I Can Only Assume This Is A Client's Personal Information Posted So Everyone Can See It. Filled with sarcasm. At least THIS Client's Information On File,Unlike Ours (wink, wink)
Employee Sleeping.
Gibsons Natural Pet
Yes Boss. Here We Are All Together But, There Are Still No Dogs In Our Sight.
Is This Typical Attire When Clients Walk In?
Appropriate Behavior For A Dog Kennel?
How Much Could A Real Stopper Possibly Cost?
Employee Sleeping
Employee Sleeping.
Employee Sleeping
"Hard at work"?
Employee Sleeping
Employees Sleeping
Nice Language
Employee Sleeping
Taking Pictures of Self....
As they said "lazy ass co-worker"
More flies??
"hooking up at work", very professional.
Is There Something Else I Should Be Doing?
BORED? NO Words.
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