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    NO help from Gibsons, NO acknowledgment, NO returned phone calls just mounting medical bills. 

                               Below is JUST A FEW!!!! Surely all these people aren't making up stories.

            This is a lot of stories for just ONE kennel. When is it too many?

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-I heard my dog cry like he'd been hurt (?)

-Staff member turned off camera feed (?)

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Hi Brenda: I am a friend of ---. She was telling me yesterday about what happened to your dogs and that you had no idea until you went to pick them up. I told her that I had a similar experience. My dog wasn't killed but badly injured and The only reason I was informed was because I called gibson's on my way home as I was running late to see how late they were opened. They asked me if my dog had a habit of jumping 6' fences - which to the best of my knowledge she never did. They claimed that she jumped their 6' fence and that's how she got hurt. When I got there to pick her up she could barely walk over to me. I brought her to my vet and it was obvious that she had been in a fight. Her ear was ripped and her front paw had bite marks. She spent three days at the vet on IV antibiotics and luckily recovered. I called them and told them what I believed to have happened and that I was mad and disappointed that they never called my emergency contact (my sister who would have picked her up and brought her to the vet right away). They did say they failed Molly and paid my vet bill. But I swore I would never bring my dog to Gibsons again. I am so sorry about what happened to you. I can't even imagine how I would feel.


From one dog lover and dog mom to another. I am an owner of two small dogs myself. A Min Pin and a Long Haired Chihuahua. I have no children so my dogs are like my children. I cannot even begin to imagine the loss you and your husband are feeling. I brought my dog (Min Pin) to the Gibson Kennels in Grafton, MA as a puppy for obedience classes in 2005 and after the classes ended I started to send him to the Doggy Daycare they had there and after a couple months I went to pick him up one day and noticed he had huge claw marks under his belly and they were bleeding in red so I knew a large dog had attacked him and they never even mentioned it to me. The sad thing is either they were not watching him and honestly did not know it happened or they did and did not bother to tell me. At that time they put all the dogs together in the play yard and did not separate by size which I though was odd. I pulled my dog out immediately and never went back. In your dogs case someone was definitely not watching the dogs when this happened and appears the dog who attacked your dogs was not tested before he/she was allowed to be boarded. Just wanted to tell you again how sorry I am for your loss. The heart remembers most what it has loved best. May fond memories comfort you and bring you peace.words.




Hey Brenda I am so sorry for your loss.. I personally have had problems with this kennel in the past they lost my dog for days we where lucky enough to get him back. This is not an isolated incident our dog broke out of his kennel so they have a history of dogs getting out of there kennel. My dog not only got out of his kennel but got into the daycare area then cleared the 12' fence... Well that's what they told us but my dog got out of all three areas and was found four days later in northbridge.



JUN 24TH, 2:47PM

Brenda, I hope you can read this, I just want to let you know that I left my dogs in the Gibson Kennel and one of my dogs had a big hole on his chest, check the pics. Gibson did not call a Vet or the person who I left as an emergency contact. At least my dog still OK, I feel bad for your beautiful dogs. Best of luck!

















June 24, 2015 at 12:06 


I went on vacation last Feb 2015, I left my 3 dogs for 9-10 days, the kennel was closing early on Sunday and I was coming back late evening that day, so I asked someone else to pick the dogs for me. When I landed to Logan, I got a text with a pic, one of my dogs had a big hole on the chest, the person who picked them up said that they never called anyone to let us know about it, even though i left them emergency phones, my cell that works overseas, a local number and the name of this person to get in touch in case of emergency, neither they called a vet to at least disinfect the wound . I find hard to believe that nobody noticed a hole so big that you could stick your thumb all the way in the dog chest. They never even called me to explained what happened, they told the person who picked them up that when they were giving him a bath something pop from his chest and that I should probably check with a vet, probably it was a pimple or a tick and that he might need few stiches. I paid over $1000 for boarding, another $1000 to get my dog to the vet on Monday Morning to get that clean and stitch because it was infected he end up having a surgery on his chest. They charged me for washing them, there is no way they washed my dogs. I would never bring my dogs there again, that was my fiist time and my last time there.


Kelley · Grafton 

This is not the first time dogs have gotten out at this facility. I use to bring my dog there for daycare and they had a "prison" break one morning with multiple dogs running outside in the woods.

Also borded my dog there and she was sick when she got home. When I called Mr. Gibson to inquire he said he was away for the weekend and would have to check with his staff. How is it okay that when you go on vacation and leave your dog with a trusted business owner that they also go on vacation!!???

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Unhappy C.

1.0 star rating 1/3/2015

I brought my GSD to ask what they would charge to groom him, was told for nails, ears and a bath -$35, all that + trim -$50. I stated I just wanted the bath, nails and ears. Made my appointment. When I dropped him off, I made sure to state "this is just bath, ears, nails, not trim, right?"  Woman behind the counter said "yes". I asked "how long will it take", was told "a few hours". I was shocked when an hour later I was called and told my dog was ready. When I pick him up, he's still wet and I'm told "that will be $50". I said "I was told it was $35 when I made the appointment". Was told the person I made the appointment with was not there. One of the groomers said "I'll charge you only $45,  I say "I was told $35. Finally after silence and nasty looks I was rung up for $35.  

Not only was my dog, wet, not only was his nails NOT trimmed but his ears were not even cleaned. Guess I paid $35 for the cheap bandana, not even sure my dog got a bath. Will NEVER bring my dog back or shop here ever again.


Ally T.

1.0 star rating July 17, 2015 at 10:07 pm

Bob does not have the capacity to run an honest business. He doesn’t care and thinks people are stupid. From the day it opened I thought to avoid them. Why? Sharp rakes under the chicken coop hay nearby the parking lot, “bring it next time” when dog records forgotten; and the training area with pee and no sanitizer. Recently I returned because options are limited. My 5 year old dog’s tail has the fur missing with no mention or explanation; bob made up stories that made no sense as to why my provided food was not fully dispensed (I found the food after an employee kicked the bags aside not knowing they were mine), asked on several occasions about my dogs (more than one) stay and it appears beyond comprehension to them that we would expect them to know; asked about cameras and monitoring – no plans to do so as most honest responsible facilities do (in fact they have a new paper sign stating no cameras or video in the kennel areas); girl with dark braid is impersonal and follows the Bob gibson story telling training; and lastly we also heard a girl screaming at the dogs. There is no sensitivity, creditable training (around the corner from Tufts). Poor behavior is not modified at all. Your dog should rely on you or the caretaker to know it is safe, not to be bullied or be a bully. This place is out of the 1970s or 1980s at best.


Ryan K.

2.0 star rating 4/10/2015  Updated review

Gibsons is one of those shops that due to location, moon alignment and/or other factors that are a mystery to me thinks they think they are gods gift to customers.


Nothing could be further from the truth:



- They offer a doggie cam, which for some owners is a big deal. 

- They also have a large selection of pet supplies.



- The staff could care less about your pet and arbitrarily decide who gets to stay at thier tiny daycare

- There pet supplies are 10-20% more expensive then local competitors

- The owner/s are not engaged with thier customers and give thier staff carte blanche to apply rules as they see fit regardless of facts.

- They have limited daycare room given zoning and prioritize dog clientele based off staff interactions. Basically taking full priced customers over discount customers because of the space issues.


Overall verdict: Keep looking, there are day cares within 5 miles that are not only less money but offer better services and prices on pet supplies.




June 23, 2015 at 9:20 am

They mix large and small dogs in playtime. My small dog came back from there with 4 puncture wounds…two on his back and two on his stomach…some infected. Clearing a larger dog had decided to chomp on him and they were unaware that it had happened. That was years ago though when they first opened. I would have thought that the mixing situation had been rectified, but apparently not.



 Confidential A.

1.0 star rating 8/4/2014

Staff is so out of touch with the fact that they work at a PET store. I brought my puppy inside with me and they all glared at me instead of even acting (or pretending) like they liked dogs in any way. I would NEVER feel comfortable with leaving my dogs here for day care as it is apparent the employes have no control over the dogs, (one is even mentally challenged and barely 5 feet tall) It is clean and well organized but the cold hearted staff makes me hate this place. Gibsons should hire competent staff that know how to discipline dogs before accepting anything more than golden retrievers and Labradors


1.0 star rating 10/17/2015

We have been taking our dog to Gibsons since we've had him (over 2 years). The service and day care had always been wonderful UNTIL a few weeks ago when we took our dog to be groomed. We dropped him off at 11, received a call at 2pm saying they were just getting to our dog. So he had been sitting in a cage for 3 hours........Not even an hour later we received a second call saying he was finished. 3 days later, we noticed as we were petting him that he had scabs all down his back, around his neck, even on his head. I had called to complain and the person we spoke to just wasn't having any of it, was extremely rude, and didn't even offer an explanation. We went back with him for some treats he likes, he wouldn't even go into the store, he was shaking. If you love your dog as much as we do, and i am sure you do, think twice before bringing your pet(s) here.


Jolanta M.06/28/2015

Our dogs were there for a week for boarding. Our Yorkie came home with an eye infection and bloody diarrhea. It started the day after she came home. They did not inform us she was sick.


Eddie P. says:

June 24, 2015 at 5:25 pm

Gibson act on tv last night was as bad as the way he runs his kennel so sorry for your loss


William says:

July 27, 2015 at 11:37 pm

Glad someone else saw through that and I wasn’t the only one.


Stephany Z. says:

June 24, 2015 at 3:38 pm

I never ever leave replies but I have to on this. My husband and I adopted a German shepherd puppy in October I wanted to bring her to daycare just a couple days a week so she can socialize with other dogs but other than that we really did not need to bring her because we have alternating schedules someone is always home. So her first day at gibsons I decided I wanted to pick her up at 3 because I got out early I didn’t realize they had certain pickup times. However when I went in the girl at the desk was very young and not friendly. Then she just took her head piece and said bring Heidi out I couldn’t see where Heidi was or where she played all day so I asked of I could be shown around and the girl acted very sketchy about that and then brought be bavk there and Geudi was alone walking slowly down the hall towards me she was acting very strange. Anyways the girl brought me out bavk and the first thing I noticed was a dog who looked very scared and not happy you can tell by a dogs face how they feel. Then I hear this loud yelling and I looked outside where this punk young girl was yelling at the dogs to shutup and she was spraying them with a water bottle she did not see me. The dogs seemed very upset and not happy so I took Heidi and told them I will not be returning. The place is run by punk kids there was no adult anywhere. You cabbot have those many dogs and have it run by children who know nothing about dog behavior. My heart goes out to this family but I cannot say I’m not suprised something like this happened.


Chickie says:

June 24, 2015 at 1:56 pm

My heart goes out to the Demers. I used that kennel when it was brand new and they seemed great, but after a while, it seemed as though they hired new people who didn’t seem to care or be attentive enough to our 2 dogs. In fact, when we picked them up, one of them was bleeding slightly on his back end. When we asked about it, the young man who brought the dogs out said something along the lines of, oh, were they fighting again? Then he thought maybe he had slammed the pen door on the dog while trying to take one dog out without letting the other escape. We didn’t like the nonchalant attitude and decided never to use Gibson’s again.


After that, we stated using TLC Pet Haven in Sutton. They were nothing, but fantastic with our dog (one of our dogs had died by then so we only had 1 dog at that point). While we were on vacation, we got a call from TLC to say that our dog had a major health problem and collapsed. They called our back-up person (our daughter) and our vet. Since our vet wasn’t available to help, TLC called a vet close by them and helped my daughter get the dog in her car. The vet that was close by was able to stabilize the dog and my daughter got him to Tufts, where he was diagnosed with a tumor.


Because of TLC’s alert staff, who quickly noticed our dog’s problem, Tufts was able to perform surgery. It didn’t completely cure our dog, but we were blessed with his love and devotion for another 2 years. It all cost a lot of money, but we don’t regret one penny of it.


It is so tough losing our furry loved ones. The Demers should have had many more years with their 2 adorable pups. It’s so sad that such a thing happened to them. I wish them well.


Carolyn A.

To Roger and Brenda, we are so sorry to read about your loss.After reading all the comments listed I felt compelled to share.This is NOT about breeds and their nature to be aggressive.It's about MANAGEMENT!!! We also had our loved one kenneled at Gibson four times. Each time our dog was left behind(Thinking was in safe,professional,loving hands) We would pick our Dog up and every time was sick with, weight loss, dehydration, infection.Bob always had an answer... The Last time I was told (I was told "Oh I know he ate and drank I checked on him myself" Well when our dog rounded the corner it was...See More

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Steve B.

Just a few weeks ago our dog came home from Gibson with a big bite mark in its rib cage. They tried to convince us by phone it's probably just a hot spot, it happens. We've had a decent expereince for a couple years at Gibson and our dog loved going there but we're done and moving on.

Like · Reply · 3 · Jun 25, 2015 9:07am


Kelley D. · Grafton Memorial Senior High

This is not the first time dogs have gotten out at this facility. I use to bring my dog there for daycare and they had a "prison" break one morning with multiple dogs running outside in the woods.

Also borded my dog there and she was sick when she got home. When I called Mr. Gibson to inquire he said he was away for the weekend and would have to check with his staff. How is it okay that when you go on vacation and leave your dog with a trusted business owner that they also go on vacation!!???

Like · Reply · 7 · Jun 24, 2015 4:05pm


Stephanie K. · Amherst, Massachusetts

completely unacceptable.

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David G.

  • Shrewsbury, MA

  • 1 star


I've been bringing my dogs there for a couple years. They are geriatric (13 and 14 years old, so am always hesitant to drop them off).  The service is usually okay; however, after dropping them off this weekend, and picking them up first thing Monday morning, I was very disappointed in what occurred over the weekend, but didn't realize this until I got home.  When I arrived home, I went through their belongings bag, and realized they were only given 1/2 of their rationed meals for the weekend (only ate once per day instead of their twice per day feeding) and they were given none of their treats that I purchased for them.  I know this may not seem like a big deal, as it was only 3 days in the kennel, but being geriatric, I find Gibson's lack of attention to detail rather disturbing.  When I called to inquire this morning, I was left on perpetual hold.  Please consider yourself warned.

 Emily E.

  July 4, 2015 at 8:55 am

Three years ago, I boarded four of my cats at Gibson’s for 3 days (thankfully, not any longer). Two of the cats were “medical boards,” and I carefully prepared the instructions, medications, and food for all the cats and took the time to go over it with the employee during drop-off — who unfortunately, seemed disinterested in what I had to say. Upon picking up our cats, we discovered that one of the cats had missed doses of his medicine and the other had likely been double-dosed. Despite repeated attempts to reach the owner/manager, I never received a response, much less an apology/explanation.


The excuse regarding the “mix-up” in the emergency contact information is pathetic and unacceptable for any business that purports to provide professional animal care services.


My heart goes out to the Demers on their loss.



  July 1, 2015 at 7:25 pm

This is a truly sad story with no upside for anyone involved. My sympathies go out to the Demers.


As a handler of dog I know huskies are notorious escape artists. Also many dogs view small dogs as prey and this dog acted like many of our own dogs might given the opportunity. By this I mean the dogs should not have been together. The husky shouldn’t be put down because it acted on it’s natural instinct. While it is horrific for the Demers don’t blame the dog for an accident that is clearly the fault of the kennel.


However I am very perplexed by how it escaped or “broke out”. And then how did husky get into the other kennel. Mr. Gibson needs to show with photos how this horrific event happened. That is a reasonable request given the circumstances. These three dogs shouldn’t have been together. How does a dog break out of a kennel designed to not let that happen.


Again my heart goes out to the Demers


  • Janna C.

  • Millbury, MA

  • 1 star


My dog went to day care 1-2 times a week from October - December.

I dropped my dog off at day care on Monday morning (12/9), as usual, and my fiance picked her up around 4pm on Monday, also as usual. 

When he got her home, he saw a large cut on her side. She has black fur, so taking her out into the car in the dark, he didn't see it until he got her inside to the light. The gash was still bleeding slightly, but appeared to have clotted some, as it had apparently occurred hours before.

Long story short, she got cut at daycare. No one called us or reported the accident. 

Either no one saw it happen, or someone saw it happened and did nothing about it. Whichever the case, it was incredibly upsetting.

Our dog had to have immediate surgery, went under anesthesia, had numerous sutures and had to have them removed two weeks later. She was on antibiotics and pain medication for weeks. She wasn't allowed to play and had to remain on-leash when outside at all times. Our  vet did an incredible job and we are so grateful. 

I'm not mad she got hurt, upset of course, but not mad - she is a puppy and she plays rough. She likes to tumble about with the big dogs - accidents happen. What we are so upset about is that no one told us or saw it happen. The vet said she must have been bleeding significantly for sometime. It was a severe injury, so she probably cried/whined. Why didn't anyone see this happen? Or hear her?

I called Gibson Kennels on Friday (I waited until then as I wanted to have a professional conversation and I needed to calm down before speaking to them) and spoke to the manager and then an owner. He reassured me things like that "didn't happen there" and was very apologetic. He asked if he could follow up with us, but never did.

It's not about the money - although the surgery was very expensive - it's about the fact that no one saw or cared to report such an injury. We trusted Gibson with our baby and were so disappointed this all turned out the way it did.

We have not, nor will we ever, bring our dog back there


 Gloria S.

  June 26, 2015 at 12:52 pm

I am so sorry for the Demers. I am totally hurt when my pets die a natural death and go through a long depression. It is like losing a member of the family. I don’t know how I would take losing my pet in this manner. Even worse two pets! Imagine paying a place that you thought would treat your pet with care and kindness only to find that they died a horrible death. There is no excuse for this happening, none. Everyone who was responsible was not available – everyone who was involved with this matter should be held responsible and have to never let anything like this happen again. Maybe “heads should roll”.



  June 25, 2015 at 7:50 pm

I am deeply saddened for the loss of Graham and Odin, and I send my condolences to the Demers family. A dog mauling at a facility like this should never happen. I hope the word gets out so that people can avoid this place.



  June 25, 2015 at 8:05 am

What is the replacement cost of a pet who is a beloved member of your family?



  June 25, 2015 at 7:42 am

Aggressive animals DO NOT belong in this environment. I used Gibson’s daycare at the other location, and I have a small border terrier. If this had happened to my animal, I would be devastated. I am very sorry for these people. That husky’s owner should have never left him at a kennel. The husky should be put down.


Jennifer F

1 star

11/18/2014  Updated review

I don't know why the one start reviews aren't shown/recommended...I feel like people should be able to see both the good and bad of a business.  Not cool to only show the 5 star reviews.  I'm clearly not the only one who had a dog contract kennel cough at Gibson, but conveniently enough, both of the one star reviews are hidden.  Here's my previous review, just in case:

If I could give 0 stars, I would. My dog just returned from a week stay at the kennel, and is now in isolation at Tufts emergency vet clinic with pneumonia. Every time I called to check on my pup, I was told he was great--how does a healthy 10 month old puppy go from being "great" to needing IV antibiotics in a couple of days? I can't imagine that there was no indication while he was there that something was going on, and we could have possibly avoided the $3,000 vet bill coming our way :\
Edit: I will add that my dog was vaccinated before bringing him as well.

Wendy H.

  • Mendon, MA

  • 1 star


Very Disappointed!
I've used Gibsons several times for my two dogs.  However, after this past weekend - never again!  Both dogs came home very smelly and now with Kennel Cough!  I spoke to the manager to tell him about my dogs, and he informed me that he's had 15 cases of kennel cough in the past 2 months.  Never was I told that this highly contagious condition was in the kennel at all and my dogs were at risk for catching it even after being vaccinated.  As I told him, that had I known, I never would have left them!  He was unconcerned about it.  It's clearly just a business for them, without regard for the animals in their care!

Kelly G.

  • Cambridge, MA

  • 1 star


I think that most of the people who work here do a great job. I had an issue with the trainers there, in particular Mary. My GSD puppy attended daycare here and I was constantly being pulled aside by Mary when he was "acting like a GSD", starting when he was 4 months old.  I use a different trainer and she was always asking me to ask my trainer questions, which wasn't very reassuring. If you have a high energy, high drive dog, this may not be the best place. If you have a herding breed this may also not be the best place for your dog. I was very unhappy with how things ended and would not send my dog back there or recommend this to anyone. My pup is at a new daycare and the issue Mary said he had are not present there at all.

Mark P.

  • Shrewsbury, MA

  • 1 star


Made a reservation 7 weeks in advance to board my dogs. Got a verbal confirmation of the reservation. They lost the reservation. I found out days before I was to drop them off, when I went to provide vaccination records. Completely left me stranded.

E E.

  • Grafton, MA

  • 1 star


Cat Boarding Review

Based on the website, we thought this would be a low-frill, reasonably-priced option for boarding our cats. However, I would NOT recommend it if your cats are easily stressed (there is a lot of commotion at times) or if they are on medications. 

Upon picking my cats up, I discovered that one of them had missed an evening dose of medicine (he has a heart condition). Another one of the cats had either been double-dosed or the rest of her medicine had been misplaced. The employee checking us out did apologize but could not find a record of who had cared for the cats on the day of the missed dose.

I contacted the management asking for an explanation but never received a response.