The videos below were obtained from employee's social media pages, taken at Gibson's Natural Pet Resort. The purpose of displaying them is to show that there are many instances where employees were not in fact fulfilling their job  duties, that the animals were left unattended and the lack of care and love they have for animals.  You're leaving your precious animals in their hands. 

All pages were public and links to the original videos have been provided.


Yes, you heard that correctly, those employees screamed at the top of their lungs at family pets


That's someones poor cat on top of the cages. An employee is attempting to get it down. How did the cat get up there in the first place if it was being monitored?

Notice, half this video is cut, what happened in between that couldn't be shown?

This is disgusting and quite frankly unsanitary. 

In their ad, it states "they believed the industry needed cleanliness"??

Is this what they mean?

(check out the ad on the home page)

Dog with ears tied up with hair elastic.

Is that your dog?

Dropping more F*** Bombs?

They are paid to care for our animals? Dogs are sensitive to their surroundings and stressed from grooming alone.

           YES, This Employee is URINATING!!!

Talking on the phone to a client.

     Is that client you?  

How would you know?

                      Is This Encouraged?

 Neither empoloyee is stopping it, they are                    just laughing and recording it.

This is simply unprofessional. 

Would rather see you playing

with the dogs



Another display of a professional working environment... Is this how you behave when a client walks in the door?

Another display of a professional working environment...

Can all this powder be healthy floating around in the air with pets

as they breath this in?

This certainly should take preference over job tasks and takes two people?

One to video, one to swat flies, who's watching the animals?

Another display of a professional working environment...

How much powder is safe for animals to breath in the facility they are kept in?

More flies, where do they come from? The facility boasts "cleanlieness".

More powder, flying around in the facility?

How much is too much for animals to ingest in the air? They walk around.

A dog not in its proper area, employees just hanging around.

More flies? She is wearing a scarf, boots and jeans so it's not hot out?

Nice language. More powder?

Employee sleeping.

Nice try, this happens whether it's storming out or NOT.

Is all this powder a good thing flying around the facility?

More F*** Bombs. Nice language, regardless of who's cat it is.

More Powder?

Seriously, how professional is this?

Do they do behave this way in front of clients? 

Is that a LOVE face?

Scared the cat to death.

Running out of words???

No explanation for this behavior in a paid working environment where living beings are supposed to be cared for.

Another professional powder day.

Vacuuming with headphones on. Surely this cannot help you hear your surroundings.

While Grahan & Odin were being mauled to death, NO ONE heard anything??